Speed Bumps

Portable Speed Bump

he portable Speed hump is used to temporarily slow down traffic. The speed hump has the advantages of a classic speed hump and can be folded up and moved as often as you want.

Rubber Speed Bump

Rubber Speed Bumps have a unique shape to safely slow down speeding vehicles and reduce the risk of accidents. With a one year warranty, our speed bumps are designed to carry all types of traffic.

Metal Speed Bumps

Metal Speed Bumps are highly visible (and aestetically pleasing) on bitumen, brick paving and concrete surfaces. This ensures that motorists see the bumps before they approach and have ample time to slow down. 

Tar Speed Bumps

Asphalt / Tar Bumps are the most common speed bumps because of their all-round capability. They are ideal for all types of roads and traffic. Tar Speed bumps are used extensively on both public and private roads.

Temporary Speed Ramp

Our Temporary Bump is a portable speed calming system that can be deployed within 60 seconds by one person in order to effectively slow down speeding vehicles. 

Information & Sales

Mobile:  +27 83 482 0204
Central Switchboard:  087 0572 722
International:  0027 21 201 7242

Regional Branch Numbers

Central Switchboard: 087 0572 722
Cape Town: 021 201 7242
Johannesburg: 010 593 0868
Pretoria: 012 942 9366
Durban: 031 940 7088
Port Elizabeth: 041 450 5288
Bloemfontein: 051 011 0287

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